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The beaches
of Riviera del Conero

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Riviera del Conero: by clicking on the photos you will find many curiosities, the info to reach them and where to park.At the bottom of this page you will also find the map of all the beaches

spiaggia del passetto ancona
Passetto Ancona

Grotte del Passetto Ancona / Wild Beach

A short walk from the centre is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, Spiaggia del Passetto,
dotted with colorful caves carved into the rock, once used by fishermen as a refuge for boats,
today animated in summer by the "grottaroli", lovers of the sea, fishing and silence.

spiaggia del trave
Il Trave Ancona

Spiaggia del Trave Ancona / Wild Beach

A rocky tongue stretching out into the sea and proceeding for a kilometre
within the waters of the Adriatic as a natural quay.
Where? Immediately after the Spiaggia di Mezzavalle.

spiaggia di mezzavalle ancona
Mezzavalle Ancona

Spiaggia di Mezzavalle / Wild Beach

Wonderful views open along the "Strada del Monte", in a unique show on the sea of Mezzavalle.

spiaggia portonovo ancona
Portonovo Ancona

Baia di Portonovo / Beach for everyone

Hidden coves reachable only by sea or comfortable equipped establishments, the choice is up to you.
In the setting of the Monte Conero nature park, the only relief on the Adriatic coast,
there are numerous Blue Flag towns.

la Vela Portonovo
La Vela Portonovo

Spiaggia della Vela / Wild Beach

A very characteristic rock and dear to the lovers of Conero.
The water around it is particularly crystalline.

Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle Sirolo
Le Due Sorelle Sirolo

Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle / Wild Beach

A large cove surrounded by unspoilt nature, accessible only by sea.
So named for the twin rocks that emerge from the crystal clear waters.

Spiaggia San Michele Sirolo
San Michele Sirolo

Spiaggia di San Michele & dei Sassi Neri / Beach for everyone

San Michele: Completely surrounded by greenery, it can be reached through the path that starts from the Parco della Repubblica or by the shuttle bus.
Beach of gravel and sand equipped with bathing establishments.
SASSI NERI: It takes its name from the dark rocks of its seabed. It can be reached exclusively on foot, even from the beach of San Michele.

Spiaggia Urbani Sirolo
Urbani Sirolo

Spiaggia Urbani / Beach for everyone

On the slopes of the village, it is easily reachable on foot or by means.
Beach of sand and pebbles equipped with bathing establishments and restaurants, bordered south by a cave,
a pier and a high cliff overlooking the sea and to the north by a rocky outcrop.

Spiaggia del Frate
Spiaggia del Frate Numana

Spiaggia del Frate/ Spiaggia per tutti

Enclosed between two small inlets and protected behind by the slopes of Monte Conero

Spiaggia Numana Alta
Numana Alta Numana

Spiaggia di Numana Alta / Beach for everyone

Enclosed between two small inlets and protected behind by the slopes of Monte Conero

Spiaggia Numana Bassa
Numana Bassa Numana

Spiaggia di Numana Bassa / Beach for everyone

A coastline of beaches equipped with every service, convenient and suitable for everyone!

spiaggia Marcelli di Numana
Marcelli Numana

Spiaggia di Marcelli / Beach for everyone

A flat coastline, full of comfort and services,
continuing for several kilometers

Spiaggia di Porto Recanati
Porto Recanati Porto Recanati

Spiaggia di Porto Recanati / Beach for everyone

A wide promenade completely closed to traffic
characterised by colourful little houses

Spiaggia di Porto Potenza
Porto Potenza Potenza Picena

Spiaggia di Porto Potenza / Beach for everyone

Fine sand and shallow waters


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